Ideal Protein Weight Loss 

At Graves Family Chiropractic we offer the Ideal Protein weight loss method because it is the healthiest way to shed excess body fat fast. After researching the science behind this diet, our doctors and staff tried the weight loss program and were amazed at how fast the excess pounds were lost! One of our assistants has already lost 80 pounds in just five months!!! Our weight loss program is successful because we have a dedicated team of health professionals and coaches that offer each dieter one on one support and weekly follow up. Typical benefits of the Ideal Protein weight loss program can include: Lose up to 3 to 7 pounds per week, Superior Quality Vegetable Protein, Primarily Promotes Fat Loss, Helps Maintain Muscle Mass, Promotes Energy, Naturally Suppresses Your Appetite and Tastes Great!  If you are serious about losing weight, call our weight loss coach in Frisco now! Start today, feel younger and have more energy to do the things you love the most. Our dedicated phone line to our weight loss coach: Call: 469-353-8006